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An Opportunity to Make a Difference


This past weekend, Society Limo was honored to be involved in an amazing charity event put together by Brickworks Dental.  The event provided free dental care to veterans – everything from simple cleanings to extractions and oral surgery.

We were approached by Brickworks Dental several weeks before the event and were offered the opportunity to donate transportation to the event.  We provided limousine services for the event, chauffeuring patients from the dental office to a separate oral surgery center if they needed more comprehensive services.

Several members of the Society Limo team attended the event, myself included.  I, personally, was not doing the driving, but I wanted to support the event and help out where I could.  From the moment I walked into the dentist office, I immediately knew this event was going to be a home run.  The volunteers were lined up, receiving their instructions for the day and every single person was smiling – these were all dental professionals who donated their time, early on a Saturday morning to help those in need.

There was a constant flow of traffic in and out of the waiting room, with patients coming in from all over South Jersey to receive medical attention.  There was one patient who hadn’t been to the dentist in years – many years.  He was in need of extensive oral surgery and needed to get several teeth pulled.  He was afraid to proceed and asked his neighbor, who was also there for dental care, to please take him home.  He said he was scared and wasn’t going to go through with it – he didn’t have the time and had no way of getting home.  I overheard this conversation and proposed that Society Limo would not only drive him to the procedure but would drive him home afterwards.  We would wait for him during the procedure and take him directly home when he was done.  He would be in good hands and we would be there every step of the way.

After several minutes of negotiation, the dentists convinced him to have the procedure and we drove him to the oral surgery office and then to his home.

As a limousine company we have a lot of opportunities to drive people around in flashy, beautiful vehicles going to exotic restaurants or fancy casinos.  And we love that.  But we don’t get as many opportunities to help people in need.  I am honored to say that we made a difference at the charity event – if just for that one patient.

I personally want to thank Brickworks Dental for putting together such an extraordinary event.  An event devoted to those who have served our country and have made a difference.  This was our chance to make a difference and an opportunity like that is priceless.

– Emma Rhodes, General Manager of Society Limo


Does taking a Society Limo from NYC to AC make sense for your wallet?

Does taking a Society Limo from NYC to AC make sense for your wallet?  And what about your time and comfort?

A lot of people think that a limo from NYC to AC is an unaffordable luxury in these tough times.  Why spend money on a limo when you could have a few more hands at the blackjack table or a nice meal at Revel’s new Mussel Bar?  The answer may surprise you.  Of course let’s take a look at the costs, but let’s keep in mind the “intangibles”.

Say you and 7 of your closest gambling buddies or sorority sisters want to head down to AC for a night or two.  Public transportation is the way to go, a friend says, wanting to be “eco-friendly” and frugal at the same time, even though you point out he works for a hedge fund that was long AAPL for the last 3 years.  Are you going to take the ACE train?  Sorry, that dream was ended in early 2012.  Are you going to take the bus?  Great, the price is right.  Let’s look at what it really entails.

First, you have to take a cab or subway to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.  Then you have to walk up and down all of those steps looking for the ticket window and terminal, and hope the bus isn’t full and is on time.  Next, you wait in line with the characters there for the luxurious opportunity to smell all of your neighbors’ food and what not all the way down the Garden State Parkway, while listening to Mr. Roulette pontificate on the best way to know when to play the wheel (“After it is red 4 times in a row, then black 1 time, you want to bet heavy on the red again!”)


What is the cost?  Well, it’s tough to beat the bus on costs.  But factor in roundtrip tickets for each of you (37.00 on the Lucky Bus, 46.00 if you want a refundable ticket) plus a cab or subway to get to the bus station in NYC, then a cab to your favorite casino (busses don’t stop at Revel or Borgata!) and then the cab back to your apartment in NYC, and the 8 of you could be spending close to 50 bucks each (37/ticket x 8 people = 296 + 84 in cabs = 380 dollars/8 people = 48 bucks a person).  Travel time is 2.5-3 hours on the bus alone, and that’s if there are no issues with the bus and it leaves on time.  Factor in 30 minutes on each side of it for waiting time for the bus/travel time to and from the bus, and you have a 3.5-4 hour trip you paid 50 bucks for.

Now let’s take a look at driving.  Let’s say you jam into two cars.  You are paying gas, tolls, dealing with the stress of traffic (especially on a Friday evening in the summer) and you certainly can’t drink any alcohol.  I’d say each car is close to 100 bucks with gas and tolls.  But now you have a stressed out driver, crammed conditions, and maybe you had to rent it or take it from Zipcar.  Plus you have to park somewhere and deal with all of that.  So now your cost may be closer to 300/car for a Friday to Sunday trip.  That works out to $75 per person.

Ok, ok, those options don’t seem so great anymore.  What if you take Society Limo’s 8 passenger luxury limousine?  First of all, you get picked up at your apartment.  Maybe 2-3 apartments in NYC so you can congregate beforehand.  Then you are greeted by a friendly driver with all kinds of customized goodies, compliments of Society Limo.  You want Orange Sunkist?  You got it.  You want Red Bull to mix with some Grey Goose you brought along?  Done, you can start the party early.  Need some munchies because your boss made you skip lunch to work on the TPS Reports?  Our GM, Emma Tang, has it covered.  Now you can sit back, relax, watch some movies, talk with your buddies, maybe practice your dice rolling skills for the craps table.  Our drivers can make a pit stop for you if you overdo it on the soda or need a quick burger on the way.  You may enjoy complimentary WiFi soon in our vehicles as well.

How much? Well, if you leave on a Friday and return on a Saturday or Sunday, it’s only $640 (all-inclusive, no hidden fees for tolls or tip) from NYC to AC and back.  That’s only $80 for each of you, and you can relax and not worry about anything and get pick up and dropped off right at the casino door in style.  The ride was 2-2.5 hours, saving you time as well.  And what is more valuable than your time?  Want to have a bus break-down on the Parkway?  How about your friend’s car that has you crammed in the middle back seat?  Take Society Limo for your transportation needs to Atlantic City now!


Take Society Limo to the Rolling Stones!

Take Society Limo to the Rolling Stones you say?  When?  Where?  The Rolling Stones will be performing three shows in the NYC area for the “50 & Counting…” mini-tour, celebrating their 50th anniversary and their new Album, “Grrr!”.  They are only doing 5 shows (for now) and 2 of them were last week in London at the 02 Arena.  Tickets were a small fortune in London but Mick & the Gang didn’t disappoint, with Florence Welch singing alongside Mick Jagger on “Gimme Shelter”.  Eric Clapton also joined the band, while former Stones Bill Wyman and Mick Taylor reunited with the band on songs like “Honky Tonk Women” and “Midnight Rambler”.  Click here and here for the setlists for the 2 shows in London.

The first show for us Yanks is at the brand-new Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Sat December 8th.  Mary J. Blige and Gary Clark, Jr. will join the Stones on stage in Brooklyn.  The next two shows are at the Rock (the Prudential Center) in Newark on Thurs December 13th and Sat December 15th.  Tickets are at least $300, with some floor seats going for close to $15,000 for those who won the $1 million second prize in last week’s Powerball drawing.

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Calling all baby boomers, and their not-so-young-anymore children: need a ride to the show? :  Society Limo can take you there for both the Brooklyn and the Newark shows in style.  Arrive in one of our new 2013 Cadillac Escalades, which seat 6,  or one of our stretch limos, which seat 6-8.  If you need a party bus, we can handle that too.  No matter where you are going, Society Limo gets you to concerts and shows via our customized car service, so you can relax, have a few drinks before, during, and/or even after the show, and let Society Limo handle the transportation.