An Opportunity to Make a Difference


This past weekend, Society Limo was honored to be involved in an amazing charity event put together by Brickworks Dental.  The event provided free dental care to veterans – everything from simple cleanings to extractions and oral surgery.

We were approached by Brickworks Dental several weeks before the event and were offered the opportunity to donate transportation to the event.  We provided limousine services for the event, chauffeuring patients from the dental office to a separate oral surgery center if they needed more comprehensive services.

Several members of the Society Limo team attended the event, myself included.  I, personally, was not doing the driving, but I wanted to support the event and help out where I could.  From the moment I walked into the dentist office, I immediately knew this event was going to be a home run.  The volunteers were lined up, receiving their instructions for the day and every single person was smiling – these were all dental professionals who donated their time, early on a Saturday morning to help those in need.

There was a constant flow of traffic in and out of the waiting room, with patients coming in from all over South Jersey to receive medical attention.  There was one patient who hadn’t been to the dentist in years – many years.  He was in need of extensive oral surgery and needed to get several teeth pulled.  He was afraid to proceed and asked his neighbor, who was also there for dental care, to please take him home.  He said he was scared and wasn’t going to go through with it – he didn’t have the time and had no way of getting home.  I overheard this conversation and proposed that Society Limo would not only drive him to the procedure but would drive him home afterwards.  We would wait for him during the procedure and take him directly home when he was done.  He would be in good hands and we would be there every step of the way.

After several minutes of negotiation, the dentists convinced him to have the procedure and we drove him to the oral surgery office and then to his home.

As a limousine company we have a lot of opportunities to drive people around in flashy, beautiful vehicles going to exotic restaurants or fancy casinos.  And we love that.  But we don’t get as many opportunities to help people in need.  I am honored to say that we made a difference at the charity event – if just for that one patient.

I personally want to thank Brickworks Dental for putting together such an extraordinary event.  An event devoted to those who have served our country and have made a difference.  This was our chance to make a difference and an opportunity like that is priceless.

– Emma Rhodes, General Manager of Society Limo


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