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Love is in the….limousine

Valentine’s Day is a day full of romance – pink and red balloons hang from the ceilings, roses litter the streets, giant teddy bears sit in store windows.  There is a big expectation surrounding this day, whether it’s for a box of chocolates or a tiny blue box wrapped with a white bow.  Whatever you have planned for Valentine’s Day, we can make it even more memorable!  Our Valentine’s Day packages are specially tailored to your desires and we make sure that every little detail is taken care of.

If you’ve ordered 500 roses, we’ll make sure they’re all in the limo when you we open the door for you and your loved one.  It will take her breath away.

Perhaps a bottle of Dom Perignon to start the evening?  We will have it chilled and waiting for you.

Have you planned an elaborate treasure hunt all around the area?  We will take you to each and every stop.

Be creative – challenge us!  Your evening will be absolutely perfect.

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Ringing in the New Year!

With the New Year’s parties, holiday festivities, and 2012 behind us, it’s time to ring in the new year!  It’s time to make some resolutions and start new trends.  2012 was a great year for Society Limo – we had the opportunity to meet some incredible people, we helped out with several worthwhile causes, and we added to our fleet with a beautiful 2013 Cadillac Escalade.


Now that 2013 is here, we are making some resolutions of our own to improve our service.

1. Create a productive atmosphere

For the travelers who are always on their electronic devices – we hear you.  Just because you’re en route doesn’t mean you can’t be productive.  We are introducing complimentary wi-fi in our vehicles upon request.  So power up, log on, and surf away!  By the time you get to your meeting, you will be prepped for the presentation, you will have caught up on your e-mailing, and you will probably have watched a YouTube video…or ten.

2. Selection, selection, selection!

Drinks and snacks are great.  And we offer them on every ride – but instead of the traditional pretzels and cola, wouldn’t it be nice to have a wide selection of chips, peanuts, cookies, candy and more?  We are expanding our snack and drink selection to include more of the snacks that you love.  Do you have something specific in mind?  A craving for chocolate covered pretzels after a hard day or a hot coffee to wake you up in the morning when you step off of that 6am flight?  Just let us know in advance and we’ll have it waiting for you when you step in our vehicle.

3. Contribute to worthwhile causes

We had such a wonderful time volunteering our transportation services at the charity dental event for veterans last month that we want to continue to donate to great causes.  We are honored to be participating in several charity events in the coming months, including Project Seaport– a charity event dedicated to restoring areas that were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.


It’s been a great ride so far (pun intended) and we are excited to jump right in and embrace 2013!  From the Society Limo family, we wish you a very Happy New Year!