Love is in the….limousine

Valentine’s Day is a day full of romance – pink and red balloons hang from the ceilings, roses litter the streets, giant teddy bears sit in store windows.  There is a big expectation surrounding this day, whether it’s for a box of chocolates or a tiny blue box wrapped with a white bow.  Whatever you have planned for Valentine’s Day, we can make it even more memorable!  Our Valentine’s Day packages are specially tailored to your desires and we make sure that every little detail is taken care of.

If you’ve ordered 500 roses, we’ll make sure they’re all in the limo when you we open the door for you and your loved one.  It will take her breath away.

Perhaps a bottle of Dom Perignon to start the evening?  We will have it chilled and waiting for you.

Have you planned an elaborate treasure hunt all around the area?  We will take you to each and every stop.

Be creative – challenge us!  Your evening will be absolutely perfect.

For pricing and availability, call 609-602-3938 or e-mail



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