A Limousine for Prom? 5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask.

1. How do I know my child will be safe?  What is your alcohol policy?

Society Limo has a strict no alcohol policy for underage passengers.  We provide water and soft drinks for the prom go-ers and they can bring any non-alcoholic beverages in the vehicle that they would like.  The divider in the limousine stays down at all times so that the driver is aware of what is happening in the back of the limo.  If we suspect that underage drinking is occurring, we call the parents immediately.  If we have evidence that underage drinking is occurring, we return the students to the original address.  Our number one priority is for the students to be safe and have a good time.


2. Do you have an hourly minimum?

Our hourly minimum for proms is 4 hours.  We generally encourage parents to book the limo for the entire duration of the evening, including both the drop off and return trip so that we make sure that everyone is accounted for.

3. Can the limo pick up passengers at different locations?

Yes – as long as you stay within the number of hours that you have reserved, the limo can pick up and drop off at multiple locations.

4. Is the chauffeur trained and licensed?

All of our chauffeurs are properly trained and go through an extensive background screening before becoming licensed with our company.  We only schedule our head drivers for prom nights to ensure the safety of the passengers.

5. What do your prices include? Are there hidden fees?

Our prices are ALL INCLUSIVE.  The number that we quote you is the number that you will pay – period.  If the driver has done an exceptional job, you may give him an additional tip if you would like, but the base gratuity is already included in the total cost.  There will only be an additional fee if there is significant damage to the vehicle as a direct result of the passenger.


We would love the opportunity to provide your children with an enjoyable and memorable prom experience!  Please call our office at 609-602-3938 to reserve your limousine for prom.  It is best to reserve your limousine as early as possible as we do fill up quick during the prom months.


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