Basketball, Beer, and (hopefully) Bragging Rights – March Madness and Society Limo


March Madness is fast approaching and basketball fans across the nation are gearing up to cheer for their favorite teams.  Atlantic City is one of THE places to go to watch the big game.  Sports bars, clubs and casinos all boast big screens, great food and high-energy atmospheres.  So dress up in your team colors, prepare your vocal chords for a night of intense yelling, and get ready for cold beer and hot wings.  A Dam Good Sports Bar in Tropicana has 15 high-def plasma TVs and three 110” mega screens.   The Mussel Bar at Revel has 150 craft beers to choose from.  However you choose to honor March Madness, you’ll find it in Atlantic City.

If you’re looking for something to make this year’s March Madness festivities even more memorable, consider taking a ride in one of Society Limo’s 2013 Cadillac Escalades or spacious stretch limousines to and from the game.

ncaaHiring a chauffeured vehicle not only provides you with transportation, convenience and luxury, but you also have an experienced, professional driver who is familia rwith the area and will be at your beck and call throughout the evening.  With all of the fantastic cocktail hours and drink specials available during March Madness games, let us be your designated driver.

Our vehicles come with modern media centers – watch DVDs of past game highlights to pump you up, or bring your favorite music mix.  We always stock our vehicles with ice, water, sodas, mixers and snacks – and if you prefer Coke over Pepsi or if you crave Cool Ranch Doritos after a big night out, just let us know.  We customize our rides to exceed your expectations.

So call up your best buds for a night of basketball, beer and (hopefully) bragging rights.  You concentrate on your team…we’ll take care of the rest.

Call us today to book your ride: 609-602-3938.

For questions about our services and vehicles, visit our website at


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